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My Dear Patients,

As you are probably already aware, I am no longer seeing patients at FerezyClinic in Windsor Heights.  I am now pursuing my personal development and educational commitment at a full time level. My existing patients are to please contact Dr. Michael Davis, who has taken over my practice, and has all of your medical records and knowledge of your condition and treatment.

After almost 30 years of continuous chiropractic practice this was not an easy decision.  While insurance companies, medical record requirements and governmental regulations have made the practice of chiropractic more challenging, my patients have always made it one of the most rewarding aspects of my life.  I will miss seeing and interacting with each of you as my patients, and as my friends.

Warmest Personal Regards,

JS Ferezy, DC

Dr. Ferezy is a world renowned expert and lecturer in chiropractic neurology. Below are video clips where he discusses topics of interest in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Shows will be available to view after their original air date. Patients may want to view these videos to hear from Dr. Ferezy on a variety of subjects.

CLICK HERE to view "CAM & Dangers of NSAID's"
CLICK HERE to view "Acupuncture".
CLICK HERE to view "Introduction To Chiropractic Part 1"
CLICK HERE to view "Introduction To Chiropractic Part 2"
CLICK HERE to view "Spinal Decompression".
CLICK HERE to view "Headache Part 1: Warning Signs"
CLICK HERE to view "Headache Part 2: Migraines"
CLICK HERE to view "Headache: Part 3: "Subluxation-Tension".
CLICK HERE to view "Headache: Part 4: "Rebound Headache".
CLICK HERE to view "Calldoctorjoe: Part 1:"Why go to a chiropractor?"
CLICK HERE to view "Calldoctorjoe: Part 2:"How do I find a chiropractor and will I have to keep going?"
CLICK HERE to view "Calldoctorjoe: Part 3:"Are chiropractors pseudo-orthopedists?"
CLICK HERE to view "Calldoctorjoe: Part 4: "Is it OK to crack my own back?"
CLICK HERE to view "Patients of Dr. Joe: Part 1"
CLICK HERE to view "Cold Laser Therapy"
CLICK HERE to view "Vertigone for Vertigo"